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What is

Health Coaching?

Become the healthiest and happiest version of yourself. 

Work with a health coach...

 A Professional Health Coach is a type of life coach, (who can practice as a life coach too), but is trained to specialise in Health, Nutrition & Wellness;  Health Coaches care deeply about, and have the skills and training to influence the overall health, wellness and happiness of everyone they work with.


Creating a new healthy life plan

With a Health Coach, clients create a brand new vision of health and wellbeing for their lives and a redefined set of health values; a Health Coach will then support them to overcome barriers and limiting beliefs and invent a personalised health strategy that they not only follow with ease, but love following too. 

Take weight loss as an example – studies show that up to 95% of people regain the weight they have lost and often gain more.  Some studies have also shown that only 50% of heart disease patients are successful in making the right changes to protect their health.

Mature Woman

"At first I just wanted to lose some weight, little did I know that I would be turning my whole life around and doing a complete lifestyle change, learning so much about myself along the way."

Health Coach: Anita Kampuk

Why do people need health coaches?


Perhaps you have made New Year’s resolutions to improve your health and get fitter and found, like 85% of us, that your motivation wanes after 3 weeks. 

It can be difficult to change the way we eat and live our lives – we have so many deeply ingrained habits that can be difficult to break. 


A Health Coach works alongside clients to re-think the way they live and create a new set of lifestyle habits underpinned by a clear vision for health and wellness.


Health Coaches then provide the support and accountability to achieve them, overcoming barriers and challenges along the way.

Barriers to changing our health can include a lack of time, no motivation, an environment that doesn’t support the changes we want to make, unresolved physical issues, tiredness getting in the way of a desire to exercise, following the wrong nutrition plan for us and more – whatever the barriers to living life healthy and well, a Health Coach is there to get to the heart of them and work with clients to overcome them.   Clients are then able to find the right health strategy and maintain their motivation to live life optimally well.

Mature Woman Closed Eyes

"I have learnt how to care for my body through health and mindfulness. The sessions were so inspirational and motivational and I always left ready to tackle the week and grow a bit more”

Health Coach: Anita Kampuk

How can a Health Coach change your life?

Health Coaches can therefore coach clients on anything that will improve their overall physical and emotional health and wellbeing, Health Coaches can also set fun challenges with their clients turning what has traditionally been seen as a restrictive and boring ‘should-be-healthier’ process, into a life changing, fun and exciting experience, measuring  and celebrating all successes along the way.

Improve your diet

Help you cut back on sugar and stimulants

Improve sleep and reduce stress

Create a new exercise and fitness routine you can finally enjoy

Organise time with a default diary to create all important ‘me’ time

Create strategies to improve feelings of wellbeing and happiness

Weight loss, management and weight gain

Reduce pain and symptoms

Increase confidence, find a new life purpose and much more.

Screenshot 2022-07-08 at 09.06.41.png

“In 2019 I found myself depressingly overweight at 104 kg, lethargic, weak and suffering from severe headaches; I was then diagnosed with hypertension - my GP told me to alter my lifestyle immediately or suffer the consequences."

"Fortunately this was the point where Helen came into my life with impeccable timing and I welcomed this new journey with open arms.  We started with the Wheel of Life and it was then I suddenly realized how low I was in my overall wellbeing in so many areas of my life! 


We have uncovered deep routed causes and I have had remarkable breakthroughs week after week; the accountability and commitment Helen provided fueled me to achieve even more.I have lost the weigth, normlalised my blood pressure and learnt to love and take better care of myself. I feel on top of the world! Thank you Helen, you are a remarkable coach and influencer and you have changed my life".

Health Coach: Helen Joubert

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